Collectable’s flies

As a fly collector I am lucky to tie at shows across Europe. This has given me the opportunity to buy, swap or be given flies from the best fly tyers in the world. Here I will make a start whit pictures of flies that are in my possession, I have a lot them and it will take a while to photograph them all. So come back in a while, during time I will add more of them.

And if you think your fly should be in this list as well? Contact me and we can organize a personal swap, but it got to be an crazy, amazing, cool or realistic fly.

Fire tiger by Steven Ozborn.

Real funny fly from my friend Sven Ostermann.

Lovely pike fly from Ruben Groenendijk.

Some crazy deer hair flies from Pat Cohen.

A Helgramite from my good friend and the best realistic fly tyer we have in the Netherlands Paul van den Driesche.

A ”Monster” from my friend Graham Owen who has teatch me a lot about realistic fly tying.

The master of salt water flies Steve Siverio.

Moonlight by my Scotish friend Phil Glendinning.

Salmon fly by Jens Pilgaard, fly is tied in hands so no vise invold.

Squid by Peter Joest.

Shrimp from my German buddy Holger Lachmann.

Salmon fly by Paul Little.

Flies from my German friend Andy Weiß.

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  1. Keith zegt:

    Lucky guy. You or us that know you???

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