For Sale Fishing Flies

In this section of the site you can buy your fishing flies.

All the flies are tied by myself, and only the best hooks and materials are used. If your flies are not in stock, I will complete your order within a week, and you don’t pay until your order is ready. If you have any request about a specific type of fly you can contact me for details and prices.

You can buy cheap flies al over the internet but those are tied by people who are not  interested in what they are doing, they are only interested in making money. My flies are made with craftsmanship, 30 years of experience and passion for our hobby, so I know you get good flies desired on your wishes, and who are tested in the flied.

You can order by email

Orders above € 25,- will be shipped for free!!!



These hoppers have a very realistic profile and are great for running water, complete out of foam.

Caddis flies, great for all kind of water, the body is from CDC and the collar from deer hair.

Anything els? just ask for an offer!!

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