For Sale Art flies

Here you find the flies that are for sale. If here don’t stand what you are looking for, you can contact me with the wish of  fly you like and we can work it out.

Most of the flies are one of a kind. Contact me for prices but please notice on some flies I spent more than 40 hours of tying. All flies can be framed recording to your wish and they come with a signed card with the date.

Super realistic Stonefly Nymph, framed in a glass cube. Contact for the price.





Realistic Mating mayflies: are framed in a glass dome and took about 40 hours to tie. Contact for the price.


Orange Dragonfly, flramed in a glass cube.

Stonefly Nymph and Hellgrammite, a project I did together with Paul van den Driesche.

Two artist flies framed in a glass cube. About 80 hours of tying bond together.

Hellgrammite bij Paul, Stonefly bij Johan.




2 reacties op For Sale Art flies

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  2. Rob van H. zegt:

    Hee Putmans, hij gaat lekker!!! Nice Flies!!! die parende meivliegen, wat wil je daar voor hebben???

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