Update Artflies for sale.

Today framed my Artflies and update the list.

click on the picture for more info.


Realistic stonefly nymph.

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Testing the new 18/0 nano silk tying thread.

These days everything seems to be ‘’nano’’ nano rods, nano reels, nano hooks and now we also have nano silk tying thread.


I was the lucky one to do some testing with the new nano silk tying thread.

I got some samples from The Essential Fly, Ann was king enough to send me some to do pre testing the silk.

003 (2)

I must say that I am very surprised, if you thought Nano Silk was good at 12/0, you will be amazed at the new Nano Silk ULTRA at 18/0 (30 denier)! Still super strong and available in 10 colours it is ideal for small flies in sizes from 16 to 32.  You can split it further if you wish to form dubbing loops and still avoid build up and still tie with little threat of fly breakage. I had the small range hooks for a long time on my Tying desk but never used them because the tiny flies I tied always end up bulky. So if you want to tie as small al possible here is the thread to use.


It will be launch in April but you can pre order trough this link !  http://www.theessentialfly.com/nano-silk-gsp-gel-spun-yarn-fly-tying-thread.html

If you want to see the other great stuff that have? Than have a look over here. http://www.theessentialfly.com/semperfli-fly-tying-materials-home.html

Here are few examples how small you can go without building up bulk.

002 (2)





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Masterclass Fly&Spin 16 maart.


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SBS Pro Sportfisher Shrimp

If you click on the picture you find the step by step of the shrimp.


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Article/SBS Mouse.

click the picture for the tutorial.

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Article/SBS JP Wings Daddy long legs.

Article/SBS JP Wings Daddy long legs is online, cilck on the pic for the tutorial.

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New realistic stonefly nymph.

Here is my latest realistic stonefly nymph, it was quite a long time ago that I tied a realistic fly. Until my good friend Paul van den Driesche showed me his new stonefly nymph, I was very impressed when I saw it. He develop the fly and the use of the materials. I am very glad and grateful that he shared the technique with me, so a BIG THANKS!! goes out to him. Click on his name to check out his site for more inpressive stuff. I give this fly a little twist on my own and this the result, I think it is my best realistic fly tied so far.

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