Article/SBS Mouse.

Sendung mit der mouse.

There is nothing more breath taking then fly fishing with a mouse, strikes are very aggressive and seams to appear out of nothing. Even the biggest fish can’t resist a huge bite like a mouse. I use the mouse for pike and trout fishing and I have some friends in the States who use the mouse for bass.

Pike fishing.

When I use the mouse for pike fishing I use a short leader with steel wire at the end. I fish the mouse very nervous back  close to the shore, al do I fish very concentrated many times I am close to a heart attack  when a pike hit the mouse. Pike rarely follows the mouse but grab it out of nothing, I even had a few times the pike came half out the water when attacking the mouse. With every strike I set the hook immediately to avoid that the fly will be swallows to deep, but in some occasions it happens that the fly goes in too deep that is why I always use barbless hooks for pike. So with nerves of steel you can have the most spectacular fishing for pike using an mouse.

Trout fishing.

When I use the mouse for trout fishing I use long leaders and fish them most of the time in the twilight or in the dark, this is the time big trout go out hunting for food and the mice are less afraid to cross the water. Fish them downstream and fish them back whit short breaks in stripping, it is hard for a mouse to swim across the current and they need the breaks to get their breath back. When a trout hit the fly don’t set the hook but wait a few seconds, I assume that a trout grab the mouse and pull it down to drown him before they eat them. Now doing this saves me a lot of misses fishing with the mouse.

There are a lot mouse patterns and most of them are with deer hair, to be honest I don’t like working with deer hair, it is hard to get the good quality and it gives a big mess working with it. I will show you how I tie mine mouse whit fox fur. To make the fly float well, I pre shape the hook with balsa wood or foam. And I believe by using the fur the fly is taken as real because it just feels softer as the deer hair.

Step by step Mouse.


Hook: Ad Swier Pike hook # 4.

Thread: Dynema.

Tail: fine leather string.

Underbody: balsa wood, cork or foam.

Fur: fox or substitute.

Eyes: melted mono covered whit black epoxy.

Ears: leather waste from the fox.

Whiskers: paintbrush fibers.

Enough talking, let’s do some tying.

1: Put your hook in the vise and take a fine piece of leather string, cut it tapered to a fine point at one end, put on your thread.

2: Tie in the tail whit some tied wraps.

3: Take some piece of foam 5 mm wide, if you want to make the mouse float high you can pre shape the hook with balsa wood or cork.

4: Form the body whit the foam.

5: What you see on the picture is a self made electric dubbing tool, it winds up very fast your loops with dubbing, you can make them from a nose hair trimmer or like I did from a nail polisher.

6: Wax your thread and make a loop, hang the tool in the loop.

7: Take a piece of fox fur.

8: Put it in a paperclip.

9: Cut out the leather piece but don’t throw it away we use it for the ears.

10: Put the fur in the dubbing loop and spread it out, this is where for you need the wax so it stays a bit in place.

11: Press the button of your dubbing machine and your loop will look like this.

12: Now start wrapping the loop around the hook and keep rubbing the fibers backwards.

13: It should look like this now.

14: take a brush and comb it out backwards.

15: repeat the whole process and it look like this.

16: And again another loop.

17: when you come to this point take some melted mono eyes.

18: bend them with heated pliers.

19: Tie them in a showed on the picture, let them stand out for about 3 mm.

20: then another loop of fur must be tied in the same way as you did before.

21: just behind the eyes it’s time to tie in the ears, take your waste leather strip from the fox fur.

22: Cut of the remaining fur as short as possible.

23:  Cut them round in the shape of an ear.

24: make both ears equal.

25: Collar them with a brown marker pen and tie them in.

26: Again a loop of dubbing and go with figure eight wraps around and between the ears and eyes.

27: Tie off here, and comb it out.

28: Take your scissors and cut from low slanted up to just behind the ears, now the eyes will pop out and it should look like this.

29: Put on your threat again and select 4 fibers from a paintbrush.

30: Tie them in and spread them out.

31: Take some fine dubbing form the leftovers of the fur, dub your thread very slim and go around and between the whiskers, tie off again.

32: Go whit your thumbnail over the fibers, for every fiber in a different position, so they stand out unpunctual.

33: They should look now like this.

34: Take them all together and cut them off in ones on about 1 cm.

35: Your mouse is finished.

36: I hope you enjoy tying this mouse as much as I did, and catch some nice fish on this fly like I did.


8 reacties op Article/SBS Mouse.

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  2. Ziet er zeer ‘echt’ uit Johan, mooi vlieggie… zal het goed doen op de grote forel.

  3. Murray Buck zegt:

    Marvelous SBS Johan!
    lykos33 (Murray)

  4. Henk zegt:

    Ja mooi gedaan Johan.

    Ik ga dr een par maken van vos,en dan is kijken of hier wat wil blijven plakken eraan .


    Greetz Henk.

  5. A.Garascia zegt:

    i,m going mousin on the platte in colorado on the dream stream . see you there when the ‘bows run!

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