ATH Travel vise.

I was the lucky one to help the top designer Ari ‘t Hart testing the prototype of his new travel vise. Tying on it for a couple of hours and give him some feedback what I think is important on a vise, he made the adjustment to it. Than testing it for the second time the vise worked perfect and was a pleasure to tie on. In this vise he mixed up beauty, craftsmanship and top design to an amazing fly tying tool, and please note the weight is less than 250 grams. In the pictures below I show you the vise that he has made special for me. I am very happy to own this vise.

It starts whit a small leather bag similar to one that is holding your photo camera.

This is what’s in it, compact folding vise, bobbin holder and a needle.

This small, it fits in a hand with a weight less than 250 grams.

Special made for me, it even has my initials.

Complete set up, the C clamp fits on the table but I like this base plate more.

Spare head for lager hooks on the underside.

First fly is tied.

Close up from fly and head of the vise.

Large hook also fits.

Even streamer hooks are no problem. Streamer is tied by my son Jordy.

Top view.

My son likes it to;) and is happy he has the same…


7 reacties op ATH Travel vise.

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  2. Hi Johan,

    Great vise, indeed. Would love to have one too 🙂

    Tight lines and dry socks

  3. Peter Berkenbosch zegt:

    That’s just one nice piece of art! Briljiant..

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  5. Mark Riesner zegt:

    Hello Johan,

    i really appreciate that we meet us at the EWF Fürstenfeldbruck 2012.

    Your Flies are amazing.

    Thanks for the Materials, i hope my customers like them as i do.

    Hope to see you again soon. Maybe at the Flyfair 2012.

    Take care & Tight lines,


  6. Tim Homesley zegt:

    I have one of his vises from about 30 years ago, true works of functional art.

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