SBS Foam Hopper.

Here I will show you one of my favorite flies for running water in the months July, August and September.

Hoppers are big fun to fish, you can use then all day long and you don’t need an hatch. There is no problem if you smack them on the water because this is mostly the way they the landed on the surface. I fish them close to the shore and try to let them splash on the water to get the fish attention. An hopper is a good bite for a fish and you even can get the attention of a big fish during day time, a big hopper makes it worth for a big one to go up to the surface and check it out. Let them flow in dead drift and just once in a while tickle it nervously at bit back. Sometimes I also use the hopper as an indicator and hang a small nymph under it. This  hopper has a very realistic profile and floats extremely good because it is all foam that is used.

Below I will show you the step by step in pictures and if you click here you see a video of the hopper.


Cutters: Tomsu supreme hopper set #8

Hook: Kamasan B810, the curve provide the foam from spinning around the hook.

Foam: 2  , 1 mm And 0.5 mm

Rubber legs: midi and mimi in a matching color.

Marker pens, super glue.

Eyes:  black broom bristles.

1: cut out the foam, 2 body’s, 2  legs, 1 back shield  and 1 wing.

2: add some details with the marker pen on the foam, take a hollow needle and pull it true the foam to get the rubber legs trough, secure it with a drop of super glue.

3: put an needle in the vise and put up your thread.

4:take 2 body’s and lay on each side of the needle, now start making segments.

Make 5 of the tem, try to work from small up to a bit bigger with every segment. Tie off on the last segment.

5: put the hook in the vise and set up your thread.

6: put the body on the hook and make 2 more segments, secure with a drop of super glue. Now you can add some color to the body.

7: take the legs and tie them in.

Make the last segment on the body.

8: tie in the wing on top of the body on the same place as the last segment.

9: secure the wing and the legs with a drop of super glue.

Now cut off the waste.

10: tie in the rubber legs and go with the thread to the point where the head will be.

11: put some glue between the head and press them together for a few seconds.

12: make with a few last wraps the form of the head from the hopper and tie off here.

13:Glue the back shield of top of the hopper.

14: now you can color the eyes with a marker pen, but I like to give them a more 3D effect. This how I do it.

Take 2 black broom bristle’s and melt them close to each other down.

now you see you get the teardrop shape.

Melt with an thick hot needle trough the head on the place where you want the eyes.

Pull them through the hole.

Turn the vise and cut of the waste let stand up a piece of 5 mm.

To burn this down we need to protect our foam from melting so take a thin piece of metal with a slice in it, put is over the foam and let the bristle stick out, now burn it gently down to the shape of the eye.

The fish won’t see this but I like it even more to do it this way.

Your hopper is ready now, a great fly for the summer months.


3 reacties op SBS Foam Hopper.

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  2. Holger zegt:

    Perfect hopper! Looks like it’ll jump right away! 🙂

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