SBS JP Realistic Wings Mayfly.

Here I will show the SBS whit use of the JP Realistic Wings. These flies are so easy to tie. So I keep the manual short.

The wings are in full colour and comes in 6 different types: Caddis, Mayfly, One day flies, Damsel, Daddy long legs and wasp.


12 wings per package.

Place a hook in the vise and select a prefab mayfly body.

Tie it on the hook.

Select a pair of wings.

Fold them together.

Cut them out in once.

Tie them on the hook with the tie in tags so no figure eight wraps.

Put up the tie in tags to cut them off.

Fold the wings in position.

Take two CDC feathers.

Place them in the MPJ Tool.

Spilt your thread and twist the feathers in a loop.

Go with figure eight wraps to the front.

Tie off, your fly is done now.

2 reacties op SBS JP Realistic Wings Mayfly.

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  2. Dirco zegt:

    knap werk Johan, het lijkt zo of iedereen het kan maar ik ben al blij als ik mijn gewone vliegen kan binden 🙂
    mooie site hoor !

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