SBS JP Realistic Wings Wasp.

Here I will show the SBS whit use of the JP Realistic Wings. These flies are so easy to tie. So I keep the manual short.

The wings are in full colour and comes in 6 different types: Caddis, Mayfly, One day flies, Damsel, Daddy long legs and wasp.

Wasp: orginal design by Paul van den Driesche.

10 wings per package.

Place a hook in the vise and take a wasp body.

Cut a ”V” Out and drill a needle trough it.

Take a black piece of momo lay a knot in it and pull it trough the body.

Press  the ”V” with super glue in between together, to get the point of the rear body.

Add sone colour to get more realism and cut off the mono at the end leave a small piece of the momo as a stinger.

Tie the body to the hook.

Tie in a piece of foam.

Select 2 fibers for antennas.

Take 3 fibers from a broom.

Tie them under the hook.

Take a yellow and a black CDC feather.

Place them in the MPJ Tool.

Put them in a loop and twist them around the legs.

Take a wing.

Fold them together.

Cut them out.

Tie them in on top of the CDC.

Fold the foam over the wings and tie it down, now you can tie off.

Cut out a round piece of foam and cut it in shape ot the head.

Use super glue to put the head in place.

Bend with a hot needle the legs in position.

Add some colour.

Add some dots Bug-Bond on the eyes. Your wasp in done now.

2 reacties op SBS JP Realistic Wings Wasp.

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  2. hans zegt:

    echt een mooie namaak van het echt
    super hoor

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