SBS Mayfly rear body technique.

Now I will show you how I made the rear mayfly body the new way. It was basically combing old techniques and trying until I came up with this.This way is very easy, fast and with a great result, the body is strong, durable and floats very well.

 Take a sewing needle and bend it extremely, you can do this with some pliers.

Put on your tying thread but notice this got to be very smooth like GPS or dynema, tie in two tails from fibers of a paintbrush.

Cut of a 1 mm piece of white foam under a slight angle, like on the picture.

Tie in the tip of the foam and color the side with a brown marker pen.

Wrap the foam forwards and let it slightly overlap, at the end you can tie it off.

Apply a drop of Bug-Bond.

Take a needle and rub the Bug-Bond over the body, as you can see the color will wipe out and you get that nice dirty color body.

Take your UV lamp and cure the resin.

Now the body is ready and you can easy remove the body from the needle.

Perfect body, strong and durable, nice looking and floats well.

Place a hook in the vise and set up your thread.

Tie the body on the hook.

Tie in a pair of wings.

Take two CDC feathers.

Put the feathers in the MPJ tool.

Twist them in loop.

Wrap the loop around the body and tie off, your mayfly is ready.

I hope you enjoy the new technique for making rear insect body’s, it works great for me and the fish likes them also;)


8 reacties op SBS Mayfly rear body technique.

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  2. Holger zegt:

    Really nice SBS and and a really nice technique! Well done my friend!

  3. Barry Ord Clarke zegt:

    Nice Johan, Lets see some more!

  4. Great stuff Johan. Thanks for sharing!

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