SBS Pro Sportfisher Shrimp.

As a new team member of the Pro Sportfisher crew I got some testing materials to play around with.

The materials are very innovative, easy to use and look awesome. The first goal was the salmon scene with lot of tube materials. The next goal is the trout scene.

As first I want to show how to make a very easy but quit realistic shrimp. We develop the flies and show how to make them, you only have to follow the steps and make you own.

Let’s start tying.

Material list:

Hook Daiichi swimming larva #4.

Thin lead wire.

Piece of mono 0.23 mm.

SLF saltwater dubbing Tan.

Pro Sportfisher shrimp shellback.

Gliss n glint Tan.


Place the hook upside down in the vise and wrap the lead wire as showed, this way it prevent the hook from turning around  in the water.

002 (2)

Tie in a small bunch of Gliss n Glint, available here


Tie in two strings of sparkle flash, fold it back and make those a little shorter so now you have 4 pieces 2 long and 2 shorter.


Make a dubbing loop and let it hang to the side.


Form a cigar tapered underbody  with wool.


Start wrapping the body with dubbing, make a small clump and tie in the piece of mono.


Dub the rest of the body.


Take another piece of Gliss n Glint and cut it in lengths of 3 cm and make it a small bunch.


Put this in the dubbing loop and spread it out.


Twist you dubbing loop and it should like this.


Wrap the loop backwards and tie it off.


Select your shrimp shell, available here or here


Put it in place and start wrapping it with your mono.


Wrap it all the way to the hook eye.


Tie it off an cut away the waste.


Comb out the underside of the fly to pull out the dubbing.


Place the hook back in the vise and pull the long fibers out the way.


Now the magic trick to make the shrimp come alive, place a small drop of Bug-Bond on the eyes.


Cure them with your UV light.


Touch the eyes with a black marker pen and your shrimp have great out popping eyes.


Top view.


Your shrimp is ready, no trout who can resist this one;)

If you find trouble with the tying or need more help, please let me know.


9 reacties op SBS Pro Sportfisher Shrimp.

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  2. Wilco zegt:

    Nice very nice Johan :):)

  3. Hi Johan, great SBS as ever. Thanks

  4. Cornelis van Leeuwen zegt:

    Nice one Johan , think Textreme super long hair will also be great as a shrimp body…


  5. dick alberts zegt:

    hallo Johan, ziet er super uit kan niet wachten tot ze binnen zijn
    mvg Dick

  6. hans zegt:

    Ja zeker dit is weer een hele mooie zou hem graag in de doos willen hebben

  7. Henk zegt:

    Mooie garnaal

    erg handig nu alles op het schildje is verwerkt.
    vooral die oogjes.

    mooi wark.

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