SBS Realistic Beetle.

Material list:

Hook: size# 6 2x long brand unimportant.

Under body: lead wire, micro chenille.

Head: latex from a glove.

Wing shield: fake finger nails.

Antennas: fibers from a paintbrush.

Legs: broom bristles.

UV wader repair or BugBond.

Permanent markers: walnut and coco bean.

Water based varnish.

Place the hook in the vise put on your thread and tie on both sides 2 strings of lead wire 0.25, cover it with tying thread.

Wrap with micro chenille the under body.

Side few.

Wrap form the rear of the hook nymphskin to the front.

Colour the body and tie in the fibers form a broom for the legs.

Varnish now for the first time.

Take 2 paintbrush fibers and tie them in, colour them black if needed.

For the head take a small strip from a latex glove.

Wrap the latex.

Colour the head.

For the wing cases, take two fake finger nails.

Cut and sandpaper them until you are satisfy. When you have the right model, glue a piece of raffia on top and under need of the nail, let a piece stick out on the front for tying it in. now colour it and varnish it. Collar the cases whit a marker pen blend the colour with your finger to wipe the colour out.

Tie in a thick black tying thread.

Tie in the wing case.

Lay the thread over the wing case, now it looks like you have 2 separated wing cases.

Tie in the small wing case.

You can put a little drop of glue under the wing case to keep it in place.

Tie off now and colour your thread if needed. Bend with a hot needle the leg in position.

I use uv wader repair to make the legs thicker.

Use the same technique as explain in the stonefly.

Repeat it for all the legs. It will look like this.

With the uv resin you can make also the eyes.

Even the dot on the antenna’s are uv resin.

The end result, now needed some colour.

Ad some colour and varnish for the last time.

Your beetle is done now.

Not for Fishing, but to put in a frame and enjoying it.

I hope you have fun tying this one. if you run into a problem you know how to find me.


3 reacties op SBS Realistic Beetle.

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  2. Harlin zegt:

    Dat mannetje ken het toch wel, aldus Linda.
    Mooie SvS Johan.
    Gr Harry

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