SBS JP Realistic Wings Caddis.

Here I will show the SBS whit use of the JP Realistic Wings. These flies are so easy to tie. So I keep the manual short.

The wings are in full colour and comes in 6 different types: Caddis, Mayfly, One day flies, Damsel, Daddy long legs and wasp.


10 Wings per package.

Place a hook in the vise and take 2 mayfly tails as antennas.

Tie them in.

Select a green CDC feather.

Tie it in at the end and roll it up.

Wrap it 3 turns forward and tie it off.

Select a brown CDC feather.

Tie it in front of the green one and roll it up.

Wrap it to the front, tie it off and cut off the fibers that are to long.

Select a pair of wings.

Fold them together.

Cut them out.

It should look like this.

Tie it in.

Fold back the tie in tag and put it up to cut it off.

Select a couple of deer hairs and put them in the MPJ Tool.

Put the hairs in a loop and twist them.

Wrap them forwards.

Tie off at this point.

Cut away the hairs on top.

Your fly is done and should look like this.

2 reacties op SBS JP Realistic Wings Caddis.

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  2. Hi Johan,
    The deer hair hackle collar looks great.

    Tight lines an dry socks

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