SBS Sculpin.

Here I will show how to tie an Sculpin.

Fishing with a Sculpin.

I fish the Sculpins in the early morning or late evening, these are the times they go out searching for food and occasionally become food on their own. I use short leaders and fish them close to me to stay in much contact as possible, it looks a bit like the Czech nymph style, short casts and move a step downstream.

Tying these sculpins become very easy with the new sculpin heads from Fish Skull. You can tie your sculpin in less than 10 minutes, here I will show you my variation of a sclupin.

Materials needed.

Hook any matching wide cape will do.

Sculpinhead from Fish Skull.

Zonkerstrips strait and cross cut.

Strait cut zonker and cross cut zonker strip.

Cut the end of the strait cut zonker to a point.

Place the upside down in the vise and make a small clump of tying thread at the end.

Press the point of the hook through the zonkerstrip.

Slight it down to the clump tying threat and secure it here with a few tied wraps.

Now tie in the cross cut strip.

Start wrapping it forward.

Until 5 mm from the hook eye.

Split from the top view the fibers to the left and right.

Fold the piece reaming strait strip over it and secure with tied wraps.

Tie off here.

Sculpin heads.

Place the head over the hook with a dot of super glue under it.

Attached the eyes with some super glue.

To keep the head  in place, put up some red tying thread and make a little bump, tie off again.

I cover the whole head with a thin layer of Bug-Bond.

Remodel the hair, your done now, as you can see very fast and easy to tie.

Have fun fishing it.


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  2. Dirco zegt:

    mooi werk kerel en een mooie website trouwens !

  3. johanput zegt:

    hmmm… wie bond die ook alweer op de Fly Fair? hihi XD groetjes jordy

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